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Dr. Cohlmia is a caring, talented and compassionate professional with a commitment to exemplary dentistry, passed down from his father and grandfather. Dr. Cohlmia attended the University of Oklahoma for his undergraduate degree and then earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. Outside of work he enjoys tennis, traveling, and Thunder games.

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Family Dental Center has two convenient locations, one at Lakeshore Tower behind Academy Sports and Outdoors in the heart of Oklahoma City. The atrium style building has a glass elevator that takes you to the third floor where you will have a view of Lake Hefner while relaxing in the dental chair. We recently remodeled our office and look forward to serving you with our state of the art equipment.

Our second location is in the heart of Bethany, located at Apple Glade shopping center. You drive right to the door and our team will greet you. Our team is devoted to making you feel welcome, comfortable, and part of our family!

Services Provided by Family Dental OKC:

General Dental Care

We can maintain your smile with gentle cleanings and quality restorations.

Emergency Care

Emergency situations are given high priority by our team. Don't wait to find relief, we're just a call away and we are ready to help.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile can be the most eye-catching feature of your face. Even a subtle change can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. New techniques like whitening, bonding, enamel shaping, veneers, and white fillings allow us to create a beautiful smile with, at times, only minimal changes to existing teeth.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ is an acronym for temporomandibular joint, which is a fancy way of saying jaw joint. Clinically, we refer to problems associated with the TMJ (jaw joint) as TMJ Syndrome or TMD (disorder). But many patients just call it "TMJ". Often, TMJ Syndrome presents itself as a popping sound and sensation near the jaw joint.

Oklahoma City tmj tmd treatment

Full and Partial Dentures

Missing teeth cause a host of problems.  Advances in dental materials and technology have made full and partial dentures more lifelike and comfortable than ever.

Crowns and Bridges

We use latest technology and quality materials to restore your smile.  


Root Canals

When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or abscessed, Root Canal Therapy is the only way to save the tooth. A tooth can become abscessed as a result of deep decay, a cracked tooth, or trauma to the tooth. The only alternative to Root Canal Therapy is an Extraction.

During Root Canal Therapy, the tooth is "numbed" (just like having a filling). Then the unhealthy nerve is removed and medication is placed in the tooth to treat the bacterial abscess (infection). After the infection is removed and treated, a filling is placed in the roots where the unhealthy nerve was.

A tooth that has undergone Root Canal Therapy is more brittle and must be crowned to give the tooth sufficient strength. The tooth is cared for in the same way as other natural teeth. Brush and floss daily, and visit your dentist for regular preventative dental check-ups.


Regardless of the type or amount of teeth you need help with, we offer quick, efficient, and comfortable removal.


Implants are an incredible solution to missing teeth and dentures that won't stay in. We will find the best solution for you.

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